Demand railroad companies give their workers sick leave and prevent an economic disaster!


Though most of the nation may not know it, the United States is barreling towards an economic disaster as conductors and rail engineers prepare to strike. Their demands? Sick leave.

Not even paid sick leave. Just the ability to go to the doctor without getting fired. They are also demanding an end to the intolerable scheduling rules which keep them on call 24/7 and force them to work as much as two weeks straight without a break, which drives workers to quit and exacerbates the staffing shortages for everyone else.

Tell the railroad companies to treat their workers with dignity and respect!

But the monolithic railway companies — one of which is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway — are refusing to compromise, forcing the workers to prepare for a strike that would bring the nation’s railways to a screeching halt, with dire consequences.

America’s railroads are responsible for 30% of all freight shipping; a strike would disrupt oil production, send food costs even higher than they already are, and would cost the US economy tens of millions of dollars a day.

But thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this. The railroad companies need to act for the good of the nation and give the workers the working schedules and sick leaves that they deserve.

Demand railroad companies give their workers sick leave and prevent a strike!

Demand Big Oil stop their immoral price gouging at the pumps!


Big Oil should not be able to rob Americans at the pump in the name of excess profit. In a series of Tweets, candidate for Pennsylvania’s most flippable Senate seat John Fetterman called out oil companies taking advantage of working families while oil companies and their CEOs are making record profits from price gouging. Fetterman knows our country can not afford this type of greed, add your name if you agree!

Tell Congress to pass legislation that makes corporations liable for any labor law violations!


Target: The United States Congress

A new survey released by Fight for $15 identified wage theft as a severe issue in industries that earned billions more profit during the pandemic. Especially fast food “essential” workers, some of the first people to be forced to back to work during a massive health crisis (while still being underpaid), are frequently subjected to labor law violations while corporate fat cats continue to line their pockets with profit from the workers’ underfunded labor. 

85% of survey respondents in California indicated that they experience at least one form of labor violation at their place of employment. Even more shockingly, over 60% indicated experiencing multiple types of wage theft, from insufficient overtime pay and lack of compensation for hours worked entirely. 

Add your name to tell Congress to pass legislation that makes corporations liable for any labor law violations!

In the report, authors assert that part of the fast food franchise model involves cutting corners specifically at the expense of their employees’ paychecks. This is unacceptable. Corporations should not be able to skirt their employees’ hard-earned wages, especially not in the fast food industry where employees are already severely under compensated and the companies continue to amass wealth. 

The Service Employees International Union is currently backing a California bill that would make the state the first in the country to hold corporations accountable for labor law violations that affect fast food employees. The rest of the country should absolutely follow their lead.

Sign your name to call for corporations violating labor laws to be held accountable!

Demand the Senate pass the Paycheck Fairness Act!


Target: United States Senate

It is an utter travesty and embarrassment that — in 2022 — women in America are still paid significantly less than men for doing the same damn work. In fact, over the past three decades, very little progress has been made in reducing the gender pay gap in America, and what progress has been made is largely due to the stagnation of men’s wages, not any substantial rise in women’s pay.

In 2021, the pay gap between men and women remained at an inexcusable 22.1% — and, as is sadly the case with practically every disparity in America, the situation is significantly worse for minority women. While white women earn 79 cents to every dollar a white man does, Black women earn only 63 cents and Hispanic women just 57 cents.

Tell Congress to take decisive action to fix the unacceptable gap in pay between men and women in America!

House Democrats have already passed a bill to modernize the Equal Pay Act and deal with the pay gap once and for all. Unfortunately, it was blocked from even being debated in the Senate by Iowa Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley.

Equal work deserves equal pay, and we can’t even begin repairing the deeper gender divisions in American society until we tackle this fundamental injustice.

Add your name to call on Senate Republicans to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act!

Tell the NFL to pay its Super Bowl halftime performers a fair wage!


Target: The National Football League

Outrage erupted on social media this week when dancer and activist Taja Riley took to Instagram to protest the NFL’s refusal to pay its backup dancers for the halftime show at the Super Bowl.

While the NFL is paying 115 professional dancers for their time, the league has asked for 400 more “volunteers” to play the “field cast,” performing the role of an enthusiastic crowd that dances to the music of hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar.

These up-and-coming dancers, actors, singers, and musicians are all expected to attend at least 72 hours of grueling, unpaid rehearsals, sometimes for nine hours a day, while paying for their own transportation and signing strict confidentiality agreements. 

Add your name to tell the NFL to pay ALL its performers the fair wages they deserve!

Despite the entertainment industry’s insistence to the contrary, nobody’s figured out a way to pay bills or buy groceries with “exposure” — and the NFL, which regularly pulls in over $10 billion a year in profits, can definitely afford to pay everyone involved with the production of the most-watched sporting event in the country. 

To add insult to injury, Riley shared an email from a prominent LA casting agency that showed the NFL was specifically looking to recruit “African-American movers” to “volunteer.” 

“Four hundred predominantly unpaid Black workers during Black History Month with Black creators and Black artists — this is unacceptable. Whether it’s one volunteer or 400, every single person working the most profitable event of the year should be paid,” said Riley to the LA Times.

NFL executives have made a big show about fighting for equality and justice, with performative TV ads and allowing the players to put “STOP RACISM” on the back of their helmets. Now it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is.

Sign your name to demand fair wages for Super Bowl halftime show dancers!

Tell companies to pay workers a decent wage!


Companies across the country are complaining that there’s a labor shortage, but the reality is there’s just a shortage of companies that treat their employees right. 

After the pandemic, at least one thing was clear for wage workers: if one company won’t give you sustainable benefits, wages, and conditions — another company will. Workers everywhere are starting to understand their value. If companies are lacking in staff, it’s because their bare minimum wage isn’t cutting it anymore. Especially not in a post-pandemic world.

Add your name to demand companies pay workers a decent wage!

People have been fighting for a $15 minimum wage for so long that with inflation, that salary can still not cover basic living costs in most of America. 

Every single person should feel secure and supported should something significantly affect the economy again, at the very least. There is no reason that wage workers should still be living paycheck to paycheck, especially after being dubbed “essential workers” for almost two years now. 

Sign now to call on companies to finally pay their workers a decent wage if they want to fix their labor shortage!

Remove the judge who deliberately botched the Kyle Rittenhouse trial!


Kyle Rittenhouse, the Republican teenager that crossed state lines to murder protesters, walked free — and it’s thanks to the clearly biased Judge Schroeder. The Judge, who has made anti-Asian microaggressions during court as well as has God Bless The USA as his ringtone, has kept significant evidence from the jury.

Some of the documentation Schroeder conveniently banned is any reference to Rittenhouse’s post-murder outing where he happily drank with the Proud Boys while wearing a shirt that says “Free As F*ck.” Not only this, he banned any reference to the victims as…. You guessed it, “victims.” But, a right-wing political commentator was still allowed to give testimony.

Add your name to call for the judge giving Kyle Rittenhouse an unfair trial be removed!

The prejudice is clear.

During the heat of Black Lives Matter protests, Rittenhouse grabbed a rifle from his home, crossed state-lines, and shot three people (two fatally.) A teenager convinced it was his turn to play cop took away the lives of two BLM protesters forever. Throughout his trial, the judge empathized with Rittenhouse’s crocodile tears — and effectively helped him avoid the consequences of his actions.

There is no reason that a judge should have encouraged his charade, or helped to exonerate him. Now, Rittenhouse is free to reinforce a dangerous precedent that could turn protests into conservative hunting grounds.

Sign now to demand the removal of Judge Schroeder!

Sign on: Tax Billionaires NOW


It is time for the rich to pay their fair share. If you agree that now is the time for action, join me in this fight to tax the rich and fund the programs working people need by signing on to support the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act today as a grassroots co-sponsor today!

Tell cable companies to drop Fox’s carriage fees - or we’ll drop cable!


Target: Major Cable Companies

Fox News dramatically lost revenue during the Trump Administration, thanks to the diligent efforts of progressive activists confronting Fox advertisers with the racist and sexist segments their products were advertised alongside.

Unfortunately, Fox News is still banking and could operate just fine with zero advertisers… thanks to exorbitant hidden cable and satellite tv fees. The average cable/satellite subscriber pays $20/year for Fox News, twice as much as CNN charges and three times as much as MSNBC, regardless of whether anyone in the household ever watches Fox News. That’s $1.8 billion in profit per year, no advertisers necessary.

Add your name to demand cable companies drop Fox carriage fees – or we’ll drop them!

Fox News has been a literal hazard to public health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we can only guess how many deaths their irresponsible ‘journalism’ have been responsible for. But even outside of the pandemic, they are the Republican party’s biggest tool for spreading vicious white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia and transphobia, Islamophobia, and corporations-first capitalism. 

How would the GOP survive if their voters actually knew the truth about them?

Sign here to demand cable companies remove their Fox carriage fees!

Tell Congress to tax the wealthy and pass Biden's American Families Plan!


Target: United States Congress

President Biden has unveiled his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, a historic investment in education, childcare, and paid family leave which will pay for itself within 15 years and boost our economy out of the pandemic losses while making a lifetime of positive impact for millions of families.

The package includes affordable childcare and universal preschool, free community college, strengthening our workforce of teachers and childcare workers, expanding the free school meals program to more low-income families – and much more.

Can we get a ‘yes, please?’

Add your name to tell Congress to support and pass the American Families Plan!

Reduced-cost childcare, paid leave to support sick family members, and free college classes addresses some of the biggest financial struggles for millions of both middle and working class families, both before and during the pandemic.

And the American Families Plan also corrects the giveaways to the 1% that disgraced ex-President Trump passed in his Tax Scam – finally holding the extremely wealthy accountable for paying their fair share, and reinvesting that money in a more equitable manner.

This is why we elect Democrats.

Sign here to demand Congress invests in families – by passing Biden’s American Families Plan!