Stop Ron DeSantis' absurd plan to fill schools with unqualified teachers!


Target: Governor DeSantis

Florida is experiencing a dire shortage of teachers, as perennial low pay and Governor DeSantis’ appalling anti-LGBTQ censorship and persecution laws drive teachers out of the classroom. The state has 9,000 empty teaching and support positions that are unfilled ahead of the new school year, and DeSantis has come up with a ridiculous plan to fix it — just hire veterans!

A new law allows veterans to obtain a teacher’s certificate and get jobs in public schools even if they don’t have a bachelor’s degree. It’s a characteristically Republican response to a crisis of their own making — a performative display of military worship that will reduce the quality of public school instruction.

Call on the Florida legislature to repeal this absurd law!

It’s yet another disgusting show of disrespect to actual teachers, who spend years studying not just the material they use to instruct the children but also how to guide their learning, manage children’s relationships with each other and grapple with their emotions in a new, confusing world.

As much as we respect our veterans, replacing these hard-working teachers with people who have spent their lives training to kill and enduring hell on foreign battlefields is not the answer.

Demand Ron DeSantis stop his absurd plan to have veterans teach in school!

Will you sign on to support canceling student debt?


Target: President Joe Biden

Pennsylvania college graduates carry the third highest debt load in the entire country. The class of 2020, on average, owe more than $40,000. With the stroke of his pen, President Biden has the ability to cancel student debt and take this weight off of working families everywhere. Will you join Helen Gym by signing your name to support student debt cancellation?

Demand safe school environments for children in Montgomery County, Maryland amid the pandemic!


Target: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

As Montgomery County schools plan how they will provide safe environments for students and faculty through the pandemic, we must demand transparency and caution. Councilmember Tom Hucker is urging the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to implement these demands in response to community safety concerns:

  1. Require a negative test to return to school. 
  2. Clarify the standards for a safe learning environment for students & staff including necessary personnel.
  3. Require opt-out, not opt-in testing.
  4. Explain why there has not been a two-week pause to ensure adequate staffing. 
  5. Offer tutoring solutions for children who are struggling or affected by quarantines.
  6. Address the shortage of teachers and bus drivers.
  7. Hire more mental health staff and create accessible mental health programming.

Add your name to join Councilmember Tom Hucker in the fight to create safer schools for children in Montgomery County!

5,000 rightfully worried community members tuned into Hucker’s last minute emergency town hall meeting to voice their concerns about learning conditions and safety in Montgomery County schools — it’s time to call for immediate action.

Our students deserve the highest caliber of precaution as we navigate the pandemic. All of these demands are plain common sense when it comes to keeping our community safe. 

Sign your name to call for Montgomery County HHS to ensure safe learning environments amid the pandemic!

Tell the Chino Valley School Board to protect students from hateful anti-trans policies!


A hateful and divisive resolution targeting Transgender students was just put on the Chino Valley Unified School Board’s agenda.

School Boards are supposed to listen to parents and students, and they have an obligation to make schools safe places for all their students to grow and learn. When extreme resolutions are put forward attacking any of our students, we all must stand up to stop the bigotry.

Christina Gagnier is doing just that as a member of the Chino Valley School Board, standing up to a hateful resolution that attacks and scapegoats Transgender students.

Add your name to stand with Christina Gagnier and tell the Chino Valley School Board to protect ALL students from hateful anti-trans policies!

Parents want to protect their kids, and Board Members should want to do the same – especially for kids being targeted for simply being themselves.

It takes a lot of courage for trans kids to come out in a world full of intolerance. They must be protected, not punished.

Sign now to join Christina Gagnier in the fight to protect ALL our kids!

training client


Target: Cullen

Learn your job



Target: Cullen

Tell Cullen to learn his job.



President Joe Biden has the ability to cancel tens of thousands of dollars in student debt for millions of Americans.

The student debt crisis is an issue of both racial and economic justice. People across the country need immediate debt relief to help them weather the current crisis, and to build a more equitable economy.

Add your name right now to join the Squad in demanding that President Biden cancel at least $50,000 in student debt immediately.

Tell President Biden: Cancel student debt!


Target: President Biden

Today, the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis exacerbates economic inequality, prevents wealth building, and stifles the dreams of millions of Americans. Student debt cancellation will greatly contribute to an equitable economic recovery from COVID-19, jumpstart our economy, and help close the racial wealth gap.

Add your name now to call on President Biden and Vice President Harris to cancel student debt.