Demand Congress save the Clean Air Act from Trump's judges!


Target: United States Congress

The looming Supreme Court case, West Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is threatening the future of our climate and our right to clean air. The ruling could prevent not only the EPA but all federal agencies from creating and enforcing any regulations to keep our air clean, our waters clear, and our forests un-pillaged. Coal companies and their Republican cronies want to prevent the EPA from ruling that more sustainable, low-carbon energy sources like wind, solar, and nuclear should be prioritized.

If the majority-conservative court guts the Clean Air Act, it is crucial that we pass it again immediately. The past 50 years of the Clean Air Act vastly improved air quality and stifled pollution significantly— to reverse it now would co-sign an even quicker environmental decline and put the entire world at risk.

Add your name to demand Congress ensure the survival of the Clean Air Act!

Since the Clean Air Act’s passage in the 1970s, multiple studies have proven it achieved a 78% decrease in certain pollutants and air quality improvement up to 73%. It’s lucky that we only have to imagine the world we would live in had the legislation not been enacted rather than live it. 

Even with the improvements from the legislation 50 years ago, we still had a long way to go to protect ourselves from intensifying climate disasters. For our Supreme Court to now consider killing one of the most basic environmental protections we have in place — and the fate of all environmental protections that exist or may exist in the future —  is criminal negligence. 

Sign your name to call for Congress to protect the Clean Air Act from Trump’s judges!

Call on the Senate to pass President Biden’s transformative climate plan NOW!


Target: United States Senate

Times are tough, but there’s still a real chance to get a historic climate bill passed in Congress. The President has called the climate crisis “code red” for the planet and his plan includes billions of dollars of investment for climate change, green energy, and environmental justice. We just need to get it passed!

The stark reality is that the latest report from the top climate scientists in the world says that the most important thing we can do is muster the political will to get transformative climate solutions in place.

There is enough support for these investments in the US Senate, they just need to get a deal done. It’s time to strike while the iron is hot (and before the planet gets much hotter)!

Demand the Senate pass President Biden’s ambitious and crucially important climate investment plan!

If this bill passes, it would be a turning point in American history. We will modernize the American economy with a transition to clean energy, reduce air pollution, drive investments into communities of greatest need, spur massive innovation and create tons of new jobs while helping stave off climate disasters and slowing the relentless onslaught of global warming.

This is an opportunity we cannot afford to squander.

Call on the Senate to pass Biden’s transformative climate, clean power, and environmental justice package now!

Tell Congress to pass the Green New Deal for Cities Act!


Target: United States Congress

It’s been nearly a year since the Green New Deal for Cities Act was first introduced in the House. This bill would provide local governments the funding they need to respond to the climate crisis and fight environmental injustice while creating millions of good-paying jobs.  

Will you join us in calling on Congress to pass the Green New Deal for Cities Act?

Stand with scientists and not corporate GOP hacks!


Now that the United States has re-joined the Paris agreement, the Biden administration is developing a plan to reduce global warming emissions, and for the sake of our planet, it is critical that he listens to the science and acts with the aggressiveness the situation demands.

Over 1,000 scientists have signed a letter calling on the Biden administration to ignore the corporate lapdogs in the GOP and commit to a reduction of at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Will you add your name to show your support for the Union of Concerned Scientists?

As the United States is personally responsible for 28% of the world’s emissions despite having only 5% of the population, we have a moral responsibility to the millions of people who will have their homes and lives uprooted by the looming ecological apocalypse.

The most recent IPCC report came with dire warnings about inaction — but also gave us hope for a better future if we act quickly and decisively to rein in carbon emissions and transition to a sustainable energy sector.

Sign your name to stand with scientists and not corporate GOP hacks!

Tell your U.S. Senators to ban the inhumane, dangerous practice of fur farming of mink!


Target: United States Senate

We know that keeping mink in small cages and killing them for their fur is inhumane and unnecessary.  Just about all of the major retailers in the U.S. and Europe stopped selling fur.

There is one more very good reason to shut down U.S.-based mink farms. Among non-human animals, mink are uniquely susceptible to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the only ones who contract the disease from people and spill it back to them. In Europe and the U.S., there have been 450 mink farms with outbreaks of this virus, spawning three variants.

USDA reported 1.4 million mink pelts sold in 2020, with a value of $47 million. It is entirely an export market, with nearly all pelts sold to high-end consumers in China. China’s elites get the coats and, in practical terms, they outsource the viral risk to our homeland.  We continue to house them on factory farms to generate a luxury product that few people want or need and that generates negligible income for a few dozen farmers. This is why the House of Representatives has voted to ban the practice and why the Senate must follow suit.

Add your name to tell your U.S. Senators to join the U.S. House and adopt a ban on the inhumane, virally dangerous trade in mink kept on factory farms in more than half a dozen states!

Mink are wild, solitary, territorial, and aggressive carnivores. Housing them in groups in small cages produces terrible stress to the animals and even cannibalism. Putting animals through this to sell mink pelts to Chinese elites who do not need these coats is disgraceful!

Sign your name to call on the Senate to follow the House’s lead and ban mink farming throughout the United States!

Demand oil companies stop price gouging the American people!


Target: Oil companies

The already-high price of gasoline is set to skyrocket with the Biden administration’s decision to stop buying fossil fuels from Russia as punishment for Vladimir Putin’s appalling invasion of Ukraine.

An American public already pressured by rising inflation costs is going to have even more of its money funneled into the pockets of the seven major oil corporations, all of whom are enjoying record profits thanks to the historically high price of oil.

But instead of extending any relief to the American people, Big Oil is using those record profits to buy back stock — a staggering $38 billion dollars worth this year — to make wealthy shareholders even richer.

Add your name to demand oil companies lower their prices and stop gouging the American public!

Not only are oil companies not lifting a finger to help millions of Americans facing tough economic challenges, they are adding insult to injury by cutting back on investment in green technology — and threatening to invest even less should they face any kind of “windfall tax,” as many governments around the world are considering.

These mega-polluters are pushing our world headfirst towards an ecological apocalypse through fossil fuel-induced climate change while extorting hundreds of millions of people for their own bottom lines. It’s time we took a serious stand.

Demand oil companies stop price gouging the American people!

Urge Congress to end abusive, ineffective animal testing!


Target: United States Congress

It is absurd and irresponsible that in the 21st century we still force pharmaceutical companies to conduct extensive testing on animals for drug development — even when there are non-animal testing methods and when we know the animal tests are simply not predictive of the human response to drugs!

Animals and human bodies are obviously very different, which means animal testing data are not reliable in gauging the safety of drugs. Drugs found to be safe in nonclinical animal tests fail during human clinical trials at a shocking rate — but the law and FDA still requires these tests for product submission.

It’s long past time for the FDA to update its decades-old regulations.  We’ll help people and save animals in the process.

Add your name to urge Congress to immediately pass legislation to end abusive and ineffective animal testing! 

The FDA Modernization Act of 2021 would update the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act (FFDCA) of 1938 to allow the FDA to authorize the use of 21st-century science to determine the safety and efficacy of new drugs.

If enacted, it will lower drug costs, speed delivery of drugs to patients, reduce the number of animals used in science, and increase the safety and effectiveness of drugs and vaccines.

The FDA must update its regulations regarding new drugs, shed animal testing wherever possible, and substitute state-of-the-art, human-relevant nonclinical test methods. It’s just good science and common sense!

Add your name to call on Congress to pass the FDA Modernization Act of 2021 and bring drug testing rules into the 21st century!

Take a stand for animal protection and oppose Oklahoma’s pro-cockfighting bill!


With the obvious cruelty associated with cockfighting, it’s hard to believe that Oklahoma Rep. Justin Humphrey would want to turn back the clock and essentially legalize cockfighting in the Sooner State.

But that’s exactly what he’s doing.  His bill, House Bill 3283, reduces penalties to make cockfighting violations a cost of doing business.  And he legalizes a range of activities associated with cockfighting, such as raising and training cockfighting roosters – which are now felony offenses under Oklahoma law.

Let’s be clear: illegal trafficking of fighting animals is like the drug trade.  It is illegal and it is a big, underground business.  Oklahoma is the cockfighting capital of the United States, according to the Center for a Humane Economy. Tens of thousands of fighting animals are exported from Oklahoma to fighting rings across the world while the gruesome practice fuels a thriving criminal underworld.

While Humphrey argues that it’s “just like raising beef or pork,” it’s obvious that this bill is nothing but a get-out-of-jail-free card for the organized criminals who run cockfighting rings in his district.

Add your name to oppose Justin Humphrey’s pro-cockfighting bill!

House bill 3283 must be defeated. Cockfighting is a barbaric practice, where organizers and handlers attach knives or curved ice picks to the birds’ legs, and then gamble on the knife fight that unfolds.

Former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson has condemned the bill, saying “this pro-cockfighting bill is an affront to every law-abiding Oklahoman and an embarrassment to our state. Cockfighting is a barbaric practice criminalized on every inch of soil by state and federal laws. The criminals who stage and promote knife fights between animals deserve handcuffs and jail time, not defensive maneuvers by lawmakers.”

Oklahoma voters outlawed cockfighting by a ballot measure in 2002.  Now, two decades later, Rep. Humphrey wants to turn back the clock and allow spectacles of cruelty to thrive in Oklahoma.  Let’s not let him succeed.

Sign your name to stand for decency and animal protection and oppose Oklahoma’s pro-cockfighting bill!

Tell President Biden you support real climate action NOW!


Target: President Biden

Building back better means making bold climate investments to protect our health, cut dangerous pollution, advance environmental justice, reduce energy costs for families and create good-paying clean energy jobs. It also means tackling the largest sources of pollution — the transportation, electric power and industrial sectors — in an inclusive way, without leaving anyone behind.

America’s future depends on bold action, including:

      • Building a stronger, cleaner manufacturing sector;
      • Saving lives and reducing illness from pollution;
      • Making energy cleaner and more affordable; and
      • Advancing environmental justice.

That’s why President Biden must use every tool available to take meaningful action on climate. He needs to do all he can to pass the $550 billion in investments that will deliver on climate, justice, jobs and clean energy and protect our health and environment.

We’re fighting for climate action. But time is running out. Sign the Climate Can’t Wait Petition and tell President Biden to continue making climate a priority.

The Build Back Better Act will provide tangible investments that will benefit every American and put our nation on track to combat the climate crisis. But our leaders need to act now. Only with their support can we deliver transformative investments that will accelerate our transition to a clean economy, reduce pollution, create good jobs and lower costs for consumers.

Add your name to tell President Biden we need him to continue making climate change a priority and help get the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act!

Tell President Biden to stop issuing fossil fuel drilling permits!


Target: President Joe Biden

The frantic chorus from the scientific community could not be more clear: we must act now to stop climate change or the consequences will be beyond disastrous. But instead of heeding those calls like they said they would, the Biden administration has disappointingly decided to plow ahead with fossil fuel extraction, most recently auctioning off a slew of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico that could lead to 600 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

While the Biden team dutifully says all the right things about confronting the looming ecological apocalypse, their actions tell another story. Last year, the Bureau of Land Management approved an average of 333 new public land drilling leases a month, topping off at a ridiculous 652 leases in April alone.   

“The president has basically only tried to tackle one side of the climate problem. He’s talked a lot about building clean energy, but he hasn’t done anything to stop fossil fuels. And you need to tackle both sides if we’re going to address this crisis,” says climate organizer Jamie Henn.

Add your name to demand an end to carbon-polluting fossil fuel drilling on public lands!

A recent U.N. report warned that major nations like the United States are “utterly failing” to reach their emission reduction goals and that the world is on track for a cataclysmic 2.7-degree increase in global climate rise this century.

United Nations Environment Program director Inger Andersen did not mince his words when outlining just how dire the situation is. “The world has to wake up to the imminent peril we face as a species. To stand a chance of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, we have eight years to almost halve greenhouse gas emissions: eight years to make the plans, put in place the policies, implement them and ultimately deliver the cuts. The clock is ticking loudly.”

The time to act was twenty years ago. But now that the abyss is within sight, the last thing we need to do is keep marching towards it. 

Demand President Biden put a stop to new oil and gas drilling leases!