Demand common-sense protections against gun violence in Philadelphia!

Gun Safety

300 mass shootings this year alone. 45,000 people killed by gun violence in 2020 (the most recent year of data). #1 killer of children in America. 

Gun violence in this country is out of control. It’s true the recently enacted federal gun package is the most significant bi-partisan reform in 30 years. It’s also true that legislation does not go far enough, fast enough to protect all communities suffering from the current gun violence epidemic. 

Our communities are still at risk every day, and we need real leaders who are ready to step up and act to find real solutions for their constituents. There is so much we can do at the municipal level, and Derek Green is leading the way with simple and effective gun safety measures in the city of Philadelphia. 

In 2022 alone, Derek has delivered common-sense solutions to Philadelphia’s ongoing gun violence epidemic:

  • closing a loophole in unregistered weapons sales by ensuring that body armor purchases are reported, 
  • helping to determine which individuals are in possession of high-capacity weapons, and 
  • helping to prevent these senseless tragedies from ever occurring.

Derek Green believes that Philadelphia deserves nothing less than a government that works to empower its residents and fights for the fundamental freedoms and well-being of all.

With the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down common-sense gun laws, Green is showing us how cities can lead the way to protect and empower its residents.

Derek is committed to creating a safe and secure Philadelphia that stands as a model for other local governments, but he needs you to stand with him.

Add your name if you support Derek Green’s mission of building a Philadelphia that protects everyone!

Demand Congress ban AR-15s and other assault rifles!

Gun Safety

Target: United States Congress

In a sadly predictable but still soul-crushing tragedy, six people were killed and dozens more were injured when a young white male opened fire on a Fourth of July parade with a gun.

We now have confirmation from police that said weapons was an AR-15, the same weapon that has been used time and time again to maim and kill innocent Americans en masse. AR-15s were used in the mass murders at Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, the Poway synagogue, the Tree of Life Synagogue, the Buffalo supermarket, Uvalde…the list goes on and on, and will continue to get longer unless we do something about it.

Demand Congress immediately take action to ban AR-15s and other assault rifles!

Once the assault rifle ban expired in 2004, the number of deaths in mass shootings skyrocketed. The AR-15 and weapons like it are specifically designed to kill on a battlefield and there is no reason they should ever be in civilian hands.

It’s beyond time to put a stop to the endless butchery. The cause of this problem is clear — it’s the guns!

Demand Congress ban AR-15s and other assault rifles!

Tell Congress to pass REAL gun reform to protect our kids!

Gun Safety

While it is gratifying to see that Congress has managed to come together and pass a gun reform bill, there is still much more work to be done to keep our children safe from the scourge of gun violence. 

It boggles the mind to think that some would rather subject our kids to deeply traumatizing mass shooter drills and spend millions of dollars turning our places of learning into fortresses patrolled by armed guards instead of actually regulating weapons that are so powerful even the police are terrified to confront them. 

Tell Congress we need REAL gun safety legislation that will:

✅ Establish enhanced background checks and close loopholes
✅ raise the minimum age to buy certain firearms
✅ require safe storage of firearms
✅ crack down on dangerous ghost guns
✅ prohibit high-capacity magazines
✅ ban assault weapons

Rep. Veronica Escobar has seen far too many heart-wrenching atrocities committed with guns in the communities of Texas. That’s why she is one of our strongest voices in Congress for gun violence prevention, and she’s leading the call for change in Washington.

Will you stand with her and with the children of Uvalde in demanding Congress pass meaningful gun reform that will stop the endless bloodshed?

Tell Congress to pass meaningful gun reform to stop school massacres!

Join Derek Green in the fight to make Philadelphia safe for everyone

Gun Safety

Philadelphia is facing an ongoing gun violence epidemic and public safety crisis, and Councilmember Derek Green is demanding urgent change.

Philadelphia has received $1.4 billion in federal pandemic aid. Derek believes we should be using this to fund big ideas that will make our city safe, equitable, and prosperous for everyone.

Instead, only a fraction of that sum is being used right now.

Mayor Kenney recently adopted Derek’s plan to address our city’s policing shortage by waiving the police residency requirement, and Derek is advancing legislation to boost police recruitment through hiring bonuses. Now he needs your help advocating for a safer Philadelphia.

Add your name if you agree with Derek Green that Philadelphia needs to urgently fund solutions to our public safety crisis!

Tell Mitch McConnell — you have blood on your hands! Do something about guns NOW!

Gun Safety

Target: United States Senator Mitch McConnell

For the second time in as many days, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has repeated the absurd assertion that the epidemic of mass shootings that our nation faces is actually a crisis of “mental illness and school safety.”

Never mind the fact that he stringently opposes expanding access to healthcare of any kind, let alone mental health. American mass shootings have happened in schools, movie theaters, hospitals, nightclubs, military bases, churches, temples, synagogues, music festivals, Wal-Marts, airports, McDonald’s, and post offices.

Obviously, the issue is not one of school safety. Schools have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into “hardening” their buildings to protect against mass shooters, and yet the tragedy in Uvalde happened despite all that.

Tell Mitch McConnell enough is enough. Pass common-sense gun reforms!

It isn’t even a partisan issue. Commonsense gun reforms like expanding background checks and red flag laws are widely supported by voters on both sides of the aisle, but Republicans like McConnell and his cronies are beholden to the gun lobby and their dark money — and a perverse pro-gun ideological narrative that only serves their selfish political ambitions at the cost of American lives.

It’s long past time he grew a spine and did something to stop the atrocities that keep happening again, and again, and again in the United States.

Tell Mitch McConnell: Guns are the problem, DO SOMETHING about them!

Fire the Uvalde police who stood around for 40 minutes while children were dying!

Gun Safety

Target: Uvalde Police Department

As the horrifying story of the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, is slowly pieced together, it is abundantly clear that not only did the local police fail to do their jobs and protect the innocent, but may have stood by and enabled the killer to continue his trail of slaughter.

Witnesses and video show the police forming a cordon around the school and standing around while the shooter was on the rampage, ignoring the desperate pleas from the parents to save their kids and even threatening the parents when they took it upon themselves to charge into the school.

The police stood around and did nothing for FORTY MINUTES. It took a heroic off-duty Border Patrol member to charge in and finally end the killing.

Demand the town of Uvalde fire the police officers who harassed terrified parents instead of doing their jobs and stopping the shooter!

Maddeningly — yet somehow unsurprisingly — it gets even worse. The police were responsible for at least one death; a witness recounts how the cops yelled for survivors to call for help and when one did, the shooter immediately entered the room and killed them.

The police have changed their story about what happened in the school several times already, often contradicting what they said earlier, and given the police proclivity for shamelessly lying we can assume they’re trying to find a way to cover up their cowardice and incompetence.

The town of Uvalde spends 40% of their municipal budget on their police force — for this kind of response from the men and women who have supposedly sworn to “protect and serve” their communities?

Unacceptable and unforgivable.

Fire the Uvalde police who stood around for 40 minutes while children were dying!

Tell Congress to implement a national red flag law!

Gun Safety

Target: United State Congress

Nearly a decade after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, another shooting at an elementary school has taken place and left 14 children dead. 10 years later, we still do not have the legislative protections necessary to stop a stranger from walking into an elementary school and taking multiple innocent, young lives. 

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut asked his fellow Members of Congress, “What are we doing? What are we doing? Just days after a shooter walked into a grocery store to gun down African American patrons we have another Sandy Hook on our hands.” At the very least, we need a national red flag law in place immediately that would allow civil courts to temporarily remove the firearms of someone reportedly suffering a mental health crisis. 

Add your name to demand Congress put in place a national red flag law to prevent more mass shootings!

The legislators fighting gun safety reform absolutely have blood on their hands. Any mass death in the past few decades could have been the end of it, but instead certain Members of Congress would rather choose unrestricted access to guns than public safety. We have had more mass shootings in 2022 so far than there have been days — something has got to give. 

This is one of the only nations where going to the grocery store, going to church, and going to school could be a death sentence. Instead of protecting our communities, we have pushed the responsibility completely onto them to know how to properly protect their life. As uniquely American it would be to continue this tradition, it’s long past time to break the cycle.

Sign your name to call for immediate action on gun safety reform, including a national red flag law!

Tell prosecutors to charge parents who give kids unsupervised access to guns BEFORE they hurt someone!

Gun Safety

Target: Prosecutors

James and Jennifer Crumbley have rightly been charged with involuntary manslaughter for enabling and encouraging their 15-year-old son’s violent rage prior to him taking his father’s gun to school and opening fire on classmates, killing at least four. Their recklessness almost certainly contributed to this senseless loss of life, and in America’s twisted gun-celebration culture, we know that their behavior is not an anomaly.

It shouldn’t take another school shooting to understand that parents’ cavalier attitude toward deadly firearms around their children can and does lead to loss of life. This was not the first time parents of troubled kids have given access to firearms, resulting in tragedy — and without real change, it won’t be the last time.

Add your name to call for prosecutors to charge parents with reckless endangerment for allowing kids unsupervised access to guns — BEFORE tragedy strikes!

The day before the shooting, the shooter was caught by a teacher searching for ammunition online. When his mother found out, she texted the boy, “LOL I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught.” While this might seem extreme to some, it is terrifying commonplace for others, and law enforcement has an obligation to crack down on this recklessness and save lives.

We have a duty not only to protect our children from gun violence, but also to work to prevent it. 

Sign now to tell prosecutors to charge reckless parents before tragedy, not after!

Condemn South Carolina's dangerous new open carry law!

Gun Safety

South Carolina’s Republican Governor Henry McMaster just signed a bill that will allow open carry of guns across the state. His Democratic challenger, Joe Cunningham, knows that we need common sense gun reform — not actions to make our communities less safe from shootings.

Take action and condemn Henry McMaster’s move to legalize open carry in South Carolina.

Demand the Senate pass common sense gun safety laws!

Gun Safety

Target: United States Senate

Seven mass shootings in seven days. This is a uniquely American problem, and the solutions are clear.

It has been 27 years since Congress passed meaningful gun safety legislation, and thousands of people have died as a result of this gross inaction. But a few weeks ago, House Democrats passed two common sense and popular gun safety bills…and now they move to the Senate.

Add your name to demand the Senate pass universal background checks and expanded waiting periods on gun purchases! 

An improved background check system might have prevented several recent mass shootings. One study found that 1-in-10 online gun purchases were made by individuals who would have been otherwise prevented by background checks due to rape, domestic violence, and other charges. 

An enforced ten-day waiting period could cool dangerous impulses and give time for family and community to become aware of mass shooting plans – and help prevent them.

We must address the epidemic of bloodshed in our country, and these changes are a popular and common sense step in the right direction.

Sign here to demand the Senate support and pass common sense gun safety laws, like universal background checks and expanded waiting periods on purchases!