Demand America’s district attorneys refuse to prosecute abortions!


Target: America's district attorneys

The day we’ve all feared has finally come. An illegitimate and extremist Supreme Court has revoked the right to an abortion, immediately making the life-saving healthcare procedure illegal in 13 states. Many more are expected to follow suit in the next few weeks.

However, for abortions to be actually prosecuted as crimes, district attorneys will have to bring cases against them — which they don’t have to do. It may put their careers in jeopardy, but people’s lives are on the line and it’s up to them to do the right thing.

Tell America’s district attorneys: don’t prosecute abortion patients!

There are countless reasons a woman might have an abortion, and every one of them is a valid expression of her personal agency over her own body. Since the religious zealots on the Supreme Court and red-state legislatures might not care about that, it now falls to the enforcers of the law to take matters into their own hands.

Thankfully, the ball is already rolling. 84 prosecutors across the country have already pledged to not prosecute abortions, representing 87 million people in 23 states. Let’s tell the rest to join them!

Demand America’s district attorneys refuse to prosecute abortions!

Join Eric Holder and Barack Obama in the fight to end GOP gerrymandering and protect our democracy!


The latest redistricting cycle is nearly in the books — and while we made some important progress, the fight for a fair electoral map free from racial gerrymandering is far from over. The map is still biased toward Republicans, and communities of color were hit hard by racial gerrymanders and other Republican efforts to dilute the voting power of nonwhite Americans.

Chairman Eric Holder of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and President Obama are spearheading the fight for our democracy, targeting key races that we must win to build on the progress we’ve made at both the state legislative and congressional level, prevent backtracking, and hold the politicians who continue to undermine our democracy accountable. 

Will you pledge to stand with President Obama and Eric Holder in the fight for our democracy?

The stakes are higher than ever before. The January 6th hearings are making it painfully clear how close we came to losing our democracy entirely, and now Trump’s loyal servants running for office across the country on an explicit agenda to refuse to certify elections for Democrats. 

Republicans are counting on us to not contest these must-win seats and think they’re already on the cusp of victory. We need to show them that they couldn’t be more wrong — and fight as hard as we can for free and fair elections!

Will you pledge to stand with President Obama and Eric Holder in the fight for our democracy?

Investigate Ivanka Trump for perjury!


Target: United States Department of Justice

In case the January 6th case isn’t as open and shut as it already seems to be — oh Lordy, there are tapes! It turns out a documentary crew was filming behind the scenes in the White House in the aftermath of the 2020 election, and video examined by the New York Times shows Ivanka Trump apparently contradicting the testimony she gave under oath to the January 6th committee.

Ivanka Trump told documentary filmmaker Alex Holder that Donald Trump “had to take on this fight” and “continue to fight until every legal remedy is exhausted,” because people were questioning “the sanctity of our elections.”

Demand Merrick Garland investigate Ivanka for lying under oath!

But in her sworn testimony, Ivanka said that “I respect Attorney General Barr so I accepted what he said,” referring to Barr’s statements that he had told Trump there was no election fraud and that he was wasting his time with “bulltsh*t” claims of fraud.

Something doesn’t add up here — and seeing as Ivanka was under oath, it would follow that the Justice Department needs to pull out a magnifying glass and hold her accountable for failing to do anything to stop her father’s reckless and delusional attempt to subvert our democracy.

Investigate Ivanka Trump for perjury!

Tell the Senate to expel Ron Johnson for trying to overturn the 2020 election!


Target: United States Senate

During today’s explosive testimony during the January 6th committee hearing, we learned that Sen. Ron Johnson tried to personally deliver a slate of alternate electors for Michigan and Wisconsin to Vice President Pence — electors who would refuse to certify President Biden’s election win.

An avowed proponent of the Big Lie, Senator Johnson has now been caught red-handed in the effort to overturn the 2020 election and install Donald Trump as an illegitimate president. We need to send a clear message to the rest of the country that this kind of behavior will not ever be tolerated.

Demand Ron Johnson be expelled from the Senate for his treason!

Ron Johnson is beyond a doubt one of the most disgraceful extremists to ever darken the doors of the United States Senate. In addition to constantly promoting election disinformation, he spent the majority of the past two years using his official platform to spread anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

All of this is beyond the pale. He has no business being in the United States Senate or representing the people of Wisconsin — who he once said didn’t deserve food, shelter, or healthcare because it was a “privilege” and not a right.

Tell the Senate to expel Ron Johnson for trying to overturn the 2020 election!

Boycott Pepsi for sponsoring the Texas GOP convention!


Despite publicly supporting the LGBTQ+ community (like most companies, conveniently during Pride month), the company’s name appeared on a physical copy of sponsors at the 2022 Texas Republican Convention. Without the logo and only in red text, Pepsi was one of the biggest names on the board propped up in the convention center.

PepsiCo is denying the sponsorship, and even alleging that the massive, multi-dimensional display constructed was doctored — but there is no proof supporting their claim. Why anyone would put the corporate giant’s name falsely on a sponsorship list is yet to be determined, but until it is, PepsiCo must be boycotted immediately for their funding of a convention that produced a 40-page document denouncing the existence of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The document blatantly stood against gay marriage and the existence of transgender people, contradicting the very “life” and “liberty” the GOP claims to stand for (but we already knew that was moral posturing.) Despite their story, Pepsi already had a record of donating to the Texas Republican party — something’s just not adding up. 

Add your name to call for a Pepsi boycott in response to their sponsorship or the 2022 Texas Republican Convention!

Sign on to help elect pro-abortion rights Democrats in all 50 states!


Now that the Supreme Court has officially overturned Roe v. Wade and removed federal protections, the future of abortion rights will be decided at the state level.

State Democrats are our last major line of defense right now. And the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the ONLY official party committee dedicated to electing Democrats to state legislatures.

Around the nation, state Democrats are working around the clock to protect abortion rights, and we’re working hard to get more pro-abortion rights candidates elected.

It’s never been more critical to elect Democrats in state legislatures. Add your name now to help put more pro-abortion rights Democrats in state houses!

Together, we can elect state Democrats who fight for reproductive freedom.

With Roe’s federal protections now erased, securing abortion access at the state level has never been more urgent – and we each have a critical role to play.

Sign up now and join the DLCC’s efforts to defend abortion rights!

Demand Ginni Thomas publicly testify before the January 6th committee!


Target: Attorney Virginia Thomas

There’s just too much smoke to not see this fire. Now that we know that Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was in direct communication with not just Trump’s election steal lawyer John Eastman but also with literally dozens of state legislators in an effort to overturn the 2020 election, the time has come for her to publicly testify and tell us the full extent of her participation in the conspiracy to overturn our democracy

While the January 6th committee obviously loathe to summon her to testify out of a misguided attempt to protect the imaginary facade of objectivity that the Supreme Court ostensibly maintains, the evidence against Ginni Thomas is so great that even Republican Liz Cheney has agreed it’s time for her to appear.

Demand Clarence Thomas resign and Ginni Thomas appear before the Committee on live TV!

It is downright appalling that anyone, let alone the wife of a Supreme Court Justice, would dare try to subvert our democracy to install an unhinged, sociopathic would-be dictator in the presidency.

Clarence Thomas needs to resign his position from the Supreme Court and his wife needs to testify as to her treasonous actions — with an indictment to follow.

Demand Ginni Thomas publicly testify before the January 6th committee!

Demand the Justice Department indict Trump's election steal lawyer John Eastman!


Target: United States Justice Department

During the public January 6th hearings on June 16th, we learned that the man who spearheaded Trump’s clumsy but incredibly dangerous attempt to overturn the 2020 election, John Eastman, knew full well what he was doing was illegal — but he went through with it anyway.

On top of that, we now know that he begged to be put on Trump’s pardon list, “if that was still a thing.” It was not, and now we need to send a clear message to the rest of the country that this kind of behavior will not ever be tolerated.

Tell Merrick Garland to indict John Eastman for trying to overturn the 2020 election!

It’s hard to sum up just how damaging Eastman’s campaign to steal the election was for this country — but January 6th committee witness Judge Michael Luttig summed it up nicely: “January 6 was a separate war unto itself, a war for America’s democracy, a war irresponsibly instigated and prosecuted by the former president, his political party allies, and his supporters. Both wars are raging to this day.”

If we are to preserve our democracy and win this war, then we must hold the perpetrators accountable — and nobody, save for Donald Trump, has dirtier hands than John Eastman.

Demand the Justice Department indict Trump’s election steal lawyer John Eastman!

Demand Herschel Walker tell us if he’s our dad!


Target: Herschel Walker

The Republican challenger for Sen. Raphael Warnock’s seat, Herschel Walker, seems to be having a little bit of trouble remembering his children. Journalists have discovered that the ex-NFL star has not one, not two, but THREE secret children that he failed to mention in any of his public appearances, despite promoting himself as a shining example of responsible fatherhood that our nation apparently is lacking.

“And I want to apologize to the African-American community, because the fatherless home is a major, major problem…[I’ve been] like a father to some of those kids that had never had fathers” bragged Walker in a September 2020 interview that has not aged well at all.

Which raises the question: who else is Herschel Walker’s child?

Demand Herschel Walker tell us if he’s our dad!

Obviously, Mr. Walker’s private business is his own — but it is astoundingly hypocritical to proclaim yourself a champion father when you have multiple secret children, some of whom you are even estranged from.

It’s just another indication that the Republican Party’s phony pro-family, pro-life, pro-child platform is nothing but a cynical ploy to give themselves the phantom moral high ground while promoting an agenda of naked hatred and bigotry.

So this Father’s Day, let’s put his hypocrisy on full display!

Demand Herschel Walker tell us if he’s our dad!

Expel the Congressmen who tried to get Trump pardons for their role in Jan 6th!


Target: United States Congress

During the first explosive hearing on the January 6th attack, the committee revealed that several Republican Congressmen, including notorious “Big Lie” proponent Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), pre-emptively sought pardons from President Trump before he left office for their role in the horrifying attempt to overthrow our democratically elected government.

“Representative Perry contacted the White House in the weeks after January 6th to seek a presidential pardon. Multiple other Republican congressmen also sought presidential pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election,” said Rep. Liz Cheney during the hearing.

Kick out the Congressmen who tried to get pardons from Trump for January 6th!

Who these other Congressmen are is still unclear but they will doubtlessly be unmasked over the course of these hearings. They must be held accountable!

Why would they need a pardon?

There is no greater evidence of guilt than the desperate urge to beg for absolution before one’s crimes are brought to light and before justice had the opportunity to be served. These Congressmen are traitors to the American people and a disgrace to the offices they hold. They must be expelled from office and indicted for their crimes against this great nation.

Expel the Congressmen who tried to get pardoned for their role in Jan 6th!