Tell President Biden and Congress to abolish the death penalty!


Target: President Biden and Congress

Since 1973, 185 people sentenced to death in the US have been exonerated – it’s extremely clear that innocent people have and will continue to be killed by our so-called justice system. 

That’s a big reason why the death penalty has been banned in 106 countries and many more have official moratoriums. The United States is in the small minority that still uses capital punishment.

On the campaign trail, Biden pledged to abolish the federal death penalty, but hasn’t fulfilled his promise yet, leaving 27 states with capital punishment still on the books.

Add your name to demand President Biden and Congress abolish the death penalty nationwide.

Death row sentences are disproportionately given to people of color (42% of those on death row are Black, despite only being 13.4% of the US population) and when the victim is white. And nearly all of those on death row come from poverty, and many are mentally disabled.

We have no justification for upholding capital punishment. It’s time to catch up with the rest of the world.

Sign here to tell President Biden to work with Congress to follow through on his promise to abolish the death penalty.

Time to abolish the filibuster?


After Republicans blocked the creation of a bipartisan commission to investigate Trump’s insurrection and voter rights protections, many are saying it’s time to revoke the minority party’s veto power. Please take 30 seconds to weigh in:

  • The Lincoln Project argues that there must be consequences for the Republicans who incited the insurrection, attempted to overthrow a free and fair election, and still promote Trump’s Big Lie about election fraud.

    314 Action agrees wholeheartedly.

    Will you chip in $5 (and 314 Action will triple match your donation) to hold these Republicans to account and make them pay with their careers?

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Tell Justin Trudeau to acknowledge and repair Canada’s current bigoted system against First Nations


Target: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The bodies of over 200 children have been found buried near a former Indigenous residential school in British Columbia, Canada. The school was one of many state-funded institutions that forcibly removed hundreds of thousands of First Nations children from their families (as recently as the 1990’s), physically and sexually abusing many as they stripped the children of their heritage, religions, and languages.

Add your name to demand Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledge the former Indigenous residential school system is part of a present-day bigoted system against First Nations peoples – and then fix it.

First Nations people today (some of whom are living survivors of these schools, while others are direct descendants) live under and struggle with the legacy and consequences of this cultural erasure and violence, in addition to the present-day bigoted system. The en masse abuse and isolation at residential schools of the past has been cited as the root cause of today’s widespread alcoholism and drug addiction on reservations.

The entire tragic and deadly history of these schools demands a fresh examination and reckoning.

Sign here to demand the Canadian Government investigate the way residential schools directly contributed to today’s bigoted system against First Nations peoples and invest in tribes to repair the generational damage.



Rep. Katie Porter founded Truth to Power to support political candidates that will unapologetically fight for progressive values and speak truth to power.

Together, we can elect candidates that aren’t afraid to take a stand against special interests.

Will you join our movement today?

Reduce our military budget when we withdraw from Afghanistan!


Target: President Biden

President Biden has a goal to pull our military from Afghanistan by mid-July – ending America’s longest war. The unnecessary and devastating conflict has cost up to $50 billion a year in American taxpayer money. Which means the end of this war should allow an accompanying reduction in military spending…so that we can use that money for desperately needed domestic issues that Republicans always insist “we can’t afford.”

Sign here to demand President Biden cuts the $50 billion/year from military spending when the war in Afghanistan ends! 

23 Members of Congress have written to President Biden with this request. They correctly point out how much of an impact $50 billion/year could make in addressing basic human rights needs in our country, from ending homelessness to increasing health care access to continuing to battle the pandemic.

The war in Afghanistan is a 20-year stain in our history: 40,000 Afghan civilians and over 2,000 American troops dead. Let’s use that $50 billion to improve lives…not destroy them.

Add your name to tell President Biden to remove the cost of the war in Afghanistan from the military budget, and reinvest that $50 billion/year into human rights domestic priorities!



Powered by People volunteers are doing all we can to fight back against voter suppression bills being pushed by Texas Republicans in the state legislature.

Join us in this work to preserve democracy and fight for voting rights in Texas.

Call on President Biden and Congress to invest in solar power and solar jobs in underserved communities!


Target: President Biden and Congress

President Biden and Congress have introduced ambitious plans to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, promote racial and economic justice, and address the climate crisis at the same time. GRID Mid-Atlantic is demonstrating–right here in our nation’s capital–how crucial strong solar policy is to meeting these goals, and how solar power, energy bill savings, and job training make a real difference to families.

We need your help making sure our leaders invest what’s needed to ensure local solar benefits everyone, in our region and nationwide.

We can redirect tens of billions of federal dollars that we currently hand out to support fossil fuels that pollute communities, and instead, invest them in overcoming the barriers that too many households face to accessing the benefits of clean, renewable, local energy. We can bring solar power and solar jobs to millions of people, starting right here in the Mid-Atlantic. In doing so, we can tackle the climate crisis and the crises of racial injustice and inequality.

Add your name to call on President Biden and Congress to invest big in solar access for all!

This is a clear win-win, and the results are not speculative. We can prove it: Since 2014, GRID Mid-Atlantic has been transforming local communities by training and employing job seekers for well-paying career paths in the growing clean energy industry while providing hundreds of no-cost solar installations. Nearly a thousand people have received hands-on experience, and our installations will provide the households we have served so far more than $17 million in lifetime energy bill savings.

Consider how much more solar could do for our entire region with a major boost in federal support!

Sign here to urge President Biden and Congress to include BIG solar investments in the infrastructure package, with an emphasis on installing and job training in environmental and economic justice communities!

Condemn South Carolina's dangerous new open carry law!


South Carolina’s Republican Governor Henry McMaster just signed a bill that will allow open carry of guns across the state. His Democratic challenger, Joe Cunningham, knows that we need common sense gun reform — not actions to make our communities less safe from shootings.

Take action and condemn Henry McMaster’s move to legalize open carry in South Carolina.

Affordable childcare and flexible paid leave MUST be prioritized as we rebuild our economy — Add your name!


Millions of parents have struggled through this pandemic, particularly the 1 in 5 women who left the labor force in 2020. And a new report shows that women lost $800 billion in income in 2020. We need real solutions for working families.

Affordable childcare and flexible paid leave are vital keys to rebuilding our post-COVID economy and they benefit every single person in our country!

Sign on if you agree with Katie Porter (one of the only single working moms in Congress!) that solutions like affordable childcare and flexible paid leave must be prioritized as we rebuild our economy.

Mental healthcare should be a right, not a privilege!


Target: United States Congress

May is mental health awareness month – a critically important topic to highlight, because millions of Americans live with a mental illness, plus the stigmas and misunderstandings that accompany mental health conditions. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans will experience mental illness during their lifetimes.

And “thanks” to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has produced widespread job loss, isolation, and grief, it’s now more critical than ever that we increase access to treatment for anyone who needs it AND reduce the stigmas that often prevent people from seeking help.

Add your name to tell Congress that mental healthcare should be provided as a right – free of charge!

Mental illness comes in many forms, from depression and schizophrenia to anxiety and eating disorders. Nearly 50,000 Americans die of suicide each year, the second leading cause of death for young adults. One in eight US adults meets the criteria for alcoholism. And these struggles have a wide reach – the family and friends who want to help – the innocent victims of DUI traffic collisions.

We need accessible, quality mental healthcare for all.

Sign here to tell Congress that good mental health is a right, not a privilege – pass legislation for free mental healthcare for all!