Protect abortion rights in Nevada!


Target: Governor Steve Sisolak

While Nevada still has legal abortions, judging from how extremist politicians in other states are reacting to the awful Dobbs decision — by passing even more radical laws that put women’s lives in danger from pregnancy complications — we can only expect them to do the same right here in Nevada. 

Only by codifying abortion rights into law can we make sure that the women of Nevada will always have access to the abortion care that saves lives and protects a woman’s agency over her own body.

Call on Governor Steve Sisolak to codify abortion rights for all!

Every attack on a woman’s right to choose is an attack on all of us. Access to abortion care is a fundamental freedom that all women deserve to enjoy, whether they choose to do use it or not. Anything else is a declaration that extremist politicians can legislate what women can or cannot do with their bodies, putting their lives, dignity, and decisions in the hands of extremist ideologues pushing their heinous agenda.

In the land of the free, freedom cannot be up for debate. Demand Governor Sisolak codify abortion rights into law!

Protect abortion rights in Nevada!

Call on President Biden and Congress do everything possible to combat white nationalism!


Target: President Biden and the United States Congress

Swastikas. The stars and bars. White supremacist militia flags. Valknots. The iconography adorning the January 6th rioters during their disastrous attempt to overturn the 2020 election makes it alarmingly clear that the fight to end white nationalism is inseparable from the struggle to expand voting rights.

While the reactionary mob gleefully brandished their hateful beliefs for all to see, their allies in the legislature have been working to restore the reign of Jim Crow, passing laws in 34 states that deliberately seek to suppress the vote of minorities and the poor.

Call on President Biden and Congress to combat white nationalist violence!

To fight the tidal wave of undemocratic and unrepentantly racist efforts to keep minorities from voting, the Southern Poverty Law Center has launched its Voting Action Plan to mobilize voters and legislators to make sure that political extremists can’t drag us back to the dark days of Jim Crow. 

The SPLC aims to restore the full power of the Voting Rights Act, increase voter participation, expand access to the ballot, and ensure fair election administration. Will you sign your name to call on President Biden to mobilize the full power of the federal government to confront the threat that white nationalism poses to our democracy? 

Call on President Biden and Congress to confront the white nationalist crisis!

Tell Congress to reject Marjorie Taylor Greene’s transphobic bill!


Target: United States Congress

Extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken her bigotry another step forward after introducing legislation that would force trans kids across the country to de-transition. The absurdly cruel text would make gender-affirming care for youth a federal crime, meaning life-saving care like hormone treatment, puberty blockers, and gender reassignment surgery will be denied to already marginalized children until they are well past puberty – psychological warfare on at-risk LGBTQ+ youth by the hands of the GOP.

The discriminatory legislation deceptively titled the “Protect Children’s Innocence” Act would also go so far as to criminalize supportive guardians or medical professionals who provide such care, at the risk of 10-25 years in prison or a $250,000 fine. Federal funds would not be accessible for gender-affirming care, universities and colleges would be forced to wipe the information from lesson plans, and any foreign national who provides such care will be prohibited from entering the country at all — it is absolutely ridiculous. 

Add your name to demand Congress reject Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bigoted bill!

An estimated 1.8 million LGBTQ+ young people consider suicide each year, according to the Trevor Project, and over two-thirds of of LGBTQ+ youth said their mental health has been negatively impacted by recent debates over transgender rights. Even the mere introduction of this outdated, inhumane legislation puts the lives of children at risk — all for political posturing.

Transgender kids don’t only deserve gender-affirming care, they absolutely need it to live a fulfilling and happy life. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s baseless hatred has no place in government.

Sign your name to call for the immediate rejection of the “Protect Children’s Innocence” Act!

Demand Florida restore the healthcare DeSantis just stripped away from thousands of trans people!


Target: Florida Board of Health

Under Governor Ron DeSantis, the state of Florida has become an incubation pod for the implementation of right-wing Christian fascism — and its first victims are the most vulnerable members of society.

The state’s health board has blocked Medicaid from covering gender-affiriming treatment for low-income trans people, leaving them without access to expensive life-saving healthcare. Over 9,000 Floridians have been affected by the ban.

Tell the DeSantis administration to leave trans people alone!

Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo is behind the ban, based on heavily biased and skewed findings from anti-trans activists.

“Rather than following the science, the data or the experts, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration instead chose to misinterpret studies, ignore evidence, and lend credence to prejudice – yet again putting the state between patients and doctors for no reason other than political grandstanding” said Human Rights Campaign Legal Director Sarah Warbelow in a statement slamming the cruel new rule.

It just goes to show that the right-wing claims of defending “freedom” and “small government” is nothing but a hood they use to cover their efforts to institutionalize bigotry in one of the nation’s most populous states.

Demand Florida restore the healthcare DeSantis just stripped away from thousands of trans people!

Ban NYC horse carriage rides!


Target: New York City Council

A horse used for carriage rides in New York City collapsed from exhaustion and illness, laying in the city streets for an hour while his driver is said to have whipped him and screamed at him to get up. According to Department of Health records, at least seven carriage horses have died in NYC. The inhumane treatment of the animals has long been criticized by advocates, and has yet to slow down even in the face of unprecedented heat.

New York City carriage rides have continued to operate throughout record heat waves — pulled by horses who were already overworked and abused. The horses are forced to trot on blistering pavement all day long, dodging traffic while carrying tourists through the city. From permanent leg damage from overuse to respiratory issues from breathing exhaust, forcing a horse to live like this is downright cruel.

Add your name to call for an immediate ban on NYC horse carriage rides!

At least 30 incidents in NYC have been recorded since 2013 alone,  and that’s just the ones that get reported. Accidents with traffic, deaths, freak-outs that send the horses running — there’s no limit to what could happen with this inhumane industry still continuing to operate. At the end of the work day, they still don’t go home to the environment necessary to live a healthy life. 

These horses were never meant to work in such an urban setting and deserve to live a life free of abuse.

Sign your name to demand NYC ban horse carriage rides!

Tell Congress to ban Trump from running in 2024!


Target: United States Congress

There is no greater threat to the United States and our democracy than Donald J Trump, whose crimes against it and her people are too numerous to count. Thanks to his malignant ego and lust for power, our democracy nearly came undone on January 6th when a mob of his supporters attacked Congress — and if he ever gets back into office, it is certain he will try again.

His wide-ranging conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election and the delusional propaganda campaign that he still wages to this day have deeply damaged people’s faith in democracy and the legitimacy of our elections. To make matters worse, he’s even stolen secret documents from the White House for his own nefarious ends, which are suspected to include collusion with hostile foreign powers.

Demand Trump be banned from EVER running for any political office ever again!

He’s already laying the groundwork to try to overturn the next election. His loyal acolytes are running for office across the country, openly declaring their intentions to break the law and ignore the will of the people to get Trump back into power.

Enough is enough. We cannot allow this man to come anywhere near the White House again. If he manages to cheat his way to another election win, it will likely be the last one our nation ever has.

Ban Trump from running in 2024!

Investigate Trump and Kushner’s deals with Saudi Arabia!


Target: United States Department of Justice

After the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago recovered secret nuclear documents, there are serious questions swirling around the reports that the Trump administration tried to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia — and around the $2 billion deal that Jared Kushner received from the Saudis after the Trumps left the White House.

Kushner is already suspected of having given US intelligence to bin Salman on dissidents in the Saudi government, which was then used to carry out a brutal crackdown that included torture and murder. On top of that, Kushner personally advised bin Salman on how to “weather the storm” after Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi was murdered and dismembered at bin Salman’s orders.

Investigate Trump and Kushner for giving nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia — the authoritarian theocracy whose government is linked to the 9/11 attacks and whose oligarchs are the biggest sponsors of terrorism in the world — cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

Two billion dollars is an awfully large amount of money. Just how much intelligence did the Trumps give to Saudi Arabia? For the security of the United States and the world at large, these questions must be answered.

Investigate Trump and Kushner’s deals with Saudi Arabia!

Indict Rudy Giuliani!


Target: United States Department of Justice

Now that the Georgia grand jury criminal probe into Trump and his conspiracy to subvert the 2020 election campaign has set its sights on his right-hand man, Rudy Giuliani, it’s time for the Justice Department to do the same.

As the head cheerleader of the 2020 election steal plot, Rudy Giuliani is at the heart of both the January 6th attack on the Capitol and the right-wing campaign to delegitimize a free and fair election. He personally called Republican Congressmen in an attempt to bully them into refusing to certify the election and refused to urge the president to take action to calm things down as the mob attacked Congress.

Tell the Justice Department it’s time to punish Rudy Giuliani for his seditious actions!

The fact that Giuliani felt the need to seek a pardon for his actions speaks volumes about his guilt. After the Georgia probe has levied its judgment, the Justice Department needs to bring the hammer down on Giuliani to send a message to the next wave of election deniers that could potentially be taking up positions of power after the midterm elections.

Our democracy cannot allow the perpetrators of this heinous conspiracy to escape unscathed.

Indict Rudy Giuliani!

Demand Florida allow parentless teen to have an abortion!


A Florida court has recently decided that they don’t believe a parentless 16-year-old is mature enough to decide to end her pregnancy… but apparently, she is mature enough to be a mother. It’s just another backwards line of thinking from conservatives trying to police reproductive care — but the ridiculous nature of the ruling is clear from miles away.

There is no reason a 16-year-old girl, with zero parental support nor the resources to support a child, should be forced to give birth. Still in school, with little financial support, the teenager knows that she is not in an adequate place to parent. It’s mind boggling that the Florida courts don’t see the same.

Add your name to demand Florida allow a parentless teen to have an abortion!

Florida law requires parental consent for teenagers to seek abortions, but abortion advocates like the American Civil Liberties Union maintain that requiring that consent puts teens in unstable family situations at risk. For the Florida court to deny a choice that will change her life forever just for the fact she does not have a traditional family dynamic is wildly inappropriate.

Even after her appeal, the court upheld the decision. Time is running out to secure her right to reproductive health — Florida courts must reconsider as soon as possible. 

Sign your name to call for the Florida teenager be allowed an abortion!

Demand social media ban the “LibsofTikTok” account for inciting violence against pediatricians!


Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the notorious “LibsofTiktok” account, is once again inciting terrorism and harassment against people who support LGBT+ kids. First it was teachers — now she’s going after doctors.

VICE News reports that on August 11th, Raichik falsely accused the Boston Children’s Hospital of offering children “gender-affirming hysterectomies.” The baseless lie quickly went viral through the hate-warrens of right-wing social media circles and immediately sparked a wave of harassment and death threats against the hospital.

Demand that Tiktok and Twitter ban Chaya Raichik from their platforms for falsely smearing doctors and teachers!

Her supporters have posted things like “long past time to start executing these ‘doctors,'” and “”Demons like this do not deserve to breathe! Crimes against humanity=DEATH” on various social media sites. The hospital itself say it has endured “a large volume of hostile internet activity, phone calls, and harassing emails, including threats of violence toward our clinicians and staff.”

The LibsofTiktok account has over 1 million followers, and Raichik has used it to incite violence against teachers, spread 2020 election denial and COVID-19 misinformation. It is a menace to public safety and has no business being allowed to stay online.

Demand social media platforms ban the “LibsofTikTok” account for inciting violence against pediatricians!