America must provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and other immigrants!


Target: President Joe Biden and the United States Congress

This June marks the 10th anniversary of Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA). For 10 years, DACA has protected hundreds of thousands of undocumented young immigrants from deportation — allowing them to pursue their careers, meet their educational goals, and contribute more fully to their communities in the only place they have called home.

Though DACA is a transformative policy that continues to be a lifeline for many immigrant youth, it is no replacement for a permanent solution. Living life in two-year increments destabilizes our communities and instills fear that has no place in our country.

The time is now to create a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Sign up and stand with us!

Demand President Biden and Congress pass permanent immigrant protections!


Target: President Joe Biden and the United States Congress

It’s been ten years since the DACA program was created to protect immigrant children from being suddenly kicked out of the only country they’ve ever called home. 

But the temporary and tenuous existence of the program means they still live in fear of deportation. To make matters worse, xenophobic Republicans have been working nonstop to kill DACA entirely and might be on the verge of accomplishing their heinous objective.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is about to hear a lawsuit from the state of Texas challenging the legality of the DACA program, and it is unlikely to stop there. It is clear that we cannot trust the Trump-rigged, radical right-wing Supreme Court to protect Dreamers or their families.

Tell President Biden and Congress to pass permanent protections NOW!

Immigrants are tired of temporary! Biden and his administration have had the power for over a year to prioritize the safety of the over 11 million undocumented people in this country. The president and Congress have the power to take immediate action, and we are demanding they deliver for our communities!

Demand President Biden and Congress pass permanent immigrant protections!

Tell Mayor Adams to advocate for the citizenship of immigrants who caught the subway shooter!


Target: New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Multiple undocumented immigrants are at risk of deportation for helping the NYPD catch the subway shooter, Frank James, who left dozens of New Yorkers traumatized and injured in April. Yes, you read that right — both the woman who filmed the attack, Ms. Flores, and the man who alerted the police to James’ whereabouts (and led to his arrest), Mr. Puebla, are now facing retaliation from immigration officials. They aren’t the only ones, either, Mr. Tahhan, who told the police about James’ presence in his store, also has concerns for his family members who do not yet have green cards. Mr. Cheikh has safety concerns about being in the spotlight as well, worrying that he could become targeted if he returns to Lebanon.

All four of these immigrants were regarded as heroes and celebrated at a ceremony by mayor Eric Adams, and now because of their heroism their livelihoods could be reversed completely. Extending their visa statuses or awarding them citizenship should be a no-brainer — all four of them knew what was on the line when interacting with the NYPD, and they chose public safety above all. There is no reason any of them should be punished with deportation or denied protections for their family. 

Add your name to demand all four immigrants who helped catch the subway shooter be guaranteed protection and citizenship in America!

Stand against conservatives’ dangerous, racist attacks against immigrants!


Target: Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has begun busing what he calls “​​hoards” of migrants and asylum-seekers to Washington D.C. in the wake of President Biden’s Title 42 rollback.

This is nothing more than a sick and reprehensible stunt that will further trigger militarization and violence against people seeking asylum. 

We need your help to fight back. Sign today to support United We Dream’s immigrant youth-led movement’s work to resist this dangerous rhetoric and far-right schemes! 

Gov. Abbott’s gimmick announcement comes just as some moderate Democrats are starting to push back against the announcement to end Title 42.  Rooted in racism and xenophobia, Title 42 is the brainchild of Trump’s white nationalist advisor, Stephen Miller, and it disproportionately hurts Black and brown immigrants.

Conservatives like Gov. Abbott are resorting to scare tactics to pressure Democrats in Washington to reconsider the end of Title 42, and their efforts seem to be working. 

That’s why the work of United We Dream is so important. We have to rise above the noise and make our demands undeniable to the Democrats we helped elect. With an anti-immigrant amendment to keep Title 42 being considered in the next COVID relief package, we need to ensure all Democrats stand against this Trump-era policy.

Please add your name to support our work to invest in immigrant communities with the resources they need and deserve.

Call on President Biden and Congress to create a pathway to citizenship!


Target: President Biden and Senate Democrats

For too long, Congress has left millions of immigrant lives without permanent protections & vulnerable to the grips of ICE and CBP. When you’re undocumented, you face a lot of discrimination, which in turn creates a lot of fear — a pathway to citizenship has the potential to kickstart an easier life for our undocumented neighbors.

Add your name to tell President Biden and Senate Democrats to protect immigrant communities by delivering a pathway to citizenship this year!

United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led community in the country, and they’re committed to ensuring that Members of Congress deliver citizenship through any means necessary. 

Democrats campaigned on immigration and have the power to act – we must call on them to deliver promised protections for immigrants. 

Sign now to join United We Dream in calling for Congress to deliver pathways to citizenship!

Tell President Biden to let Haitian refugees stay in America!


President Biden

Over a thousand Haitian refugees have been crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas in hopes of asylum. The US, however, has begun deporting immigrants without even allowing them to request asylum, including families and young children. If that wasn’t enough, images and video from the border have shown appalling behavior from US Border Patrol — such as horseback agents chasing immigrants with whips.

Refugees traversing the Rio Grande in search of a better life are the embodiment of the American dream. It shouldn’t be hard to see the lack of humanity in their violent deportation, and the US needs to give them every opportunity to seek asylum. 

Add your name to call on Biden to allow Haitian refugees to stay in America!

Immigrants are literally waiting under a Texas bridge to request asylum. These are people, families and children, seeking safety and shelter from escalating political instability and violence. Like all of us, they deserve sanctuary. 

It’s time for leaders to improve American immigration laws, rather than continue a standard of responding to immigration crises with brutality. 

Sign now to call for Haitian refugees to be allowed asylum!

Reunite the immigrant families separated by Trump!


Target: President Biden

We now know that Trump’s instituted the Zero Tolerance policy at the border with the explicit intention of separating children from their parents, thinking it would be a good way to intimidate future asylum-seekers and migrant families from crossing the border. 

Our disgraced ex-president tore apart more than 5,500 desperate and vulnerable families. And their situation now is as disastrous as it is tragic.

Add your name to ask the Biden Administration work quickly to reunite the families broken apart by Trump.

At least 1000 children are still separated from their parents (many currently in detention camps) but have yet to be reunited.

An additional 500+ are not only separated, but Trump’s mismanagement and lack of care means our government cannot locate the parents. Many have been deported back to their home countries while their children remain locked up here – and in other cases, the children have been deported while the parents languish in Trump’s concentration camps.

President Biden must bring these families back together as quickly as possible – and ensure this type of cruelty never happens again.

Sign here to ask President Biden to prioritize reuniting every single immigrant family separated by Trump’s administration.