Tell Democrats to create a select committee to investigate the Trump’s Capitol insurrection

Target: United States Congress

Republicans have abandoned the previously-bipartisan independent commission on Trump’s January 6th insurrection, filibustering what should have been a thorough examination of the extreme-right’s deadly attempt to overturn our federal election. 

After empty promises to stand against violence and stand for the truth, the GOP has once again turned away from transparency to protect their own guilty members.

We cannot let this astonishing attack on our democracy go unexamined: Democrats must move forward without them.

Add your name to demand Democrats in Congress create a special committee to investigate the January 6th deadly insurrection on the Capital!

Republicans are trying to protect those in their ranks who actively have supported and defended both the false narrative of a stolen election and the January 6th violence itself. It is yet another breach of our democracy that Congress may not even investigate the insurrection, with the commission now filibustered.

Unacceptable. We must have an examination of the events of January 6th…and of those Republican leaders who caused it.

Sign here to tell Democrats to form a special committee to investigate the January 6th deadly right-wing insurrection on the Capital.