Tell President Biden: No more offshore drilling!


Target: President Joe Biden

If we want to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, pursue justice for frontline communities, and secure energy independence for the American people, there’s no reality where we can continue new federal fossil fuel leasing and offshore drilling.

If you agree that Biden must take immediate steps to ban offshore drilling, please add your name to’s petition today.

Tell your senators: Vote ‘no’ on keeping Trump’s Fed Chair


President Biden announced that he is renominating Jerome Powell to lead the Federal Reserve, missing a big opportunity to nominate a climate chair.  

While President Biden failed this important test on climate, it’s not a guarantee that Powell will serve another term. The Senate must still confirm Powell, and he’s already lost three Democratic votes. 

If we keep up our efforts, we have the chance to sink this nomination and get a Fed that prioritizes everyday people. 

Add your name to tell your senators where they should stand on Powell with this letter today:

Dear Senator,

The Federal Reserve has a mandate to regulate the banks and steer the economy away from crisis.

But the fact of the matter is that the banks are fueling the climate crisis. It’s time for the Fed Chair to step up on climate action — and Jerome Powell has shown he is not that leader.

Jerome Powell must NOT be reconfirmed as Federal Reserve Chair. I urge you to vote ‘no’ on his confirmation when it’s brought to a floor vote.

Your Constituent

Demand Facebook stop spreading climate disinformation!


Target: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook is calling on Facebook, as one of the world’s biggest advertising platforms, to ban all advertising by fossil fuel corporations on its site.

The fossil fuel industry has brought us to the brink of climate breakdown. Yet Facebook is still taking huge sums of money to advertise their messages. It’s time for Facebook to take a stand: are you with them, continuing to profit from the climate crisis? Or are you ready to be a #FossilFreeFacebook?

Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Fossil Free Finance Act!


The Fossil Free Finance Act would require the Federal Reserve to hold big banks accountable for financing fossil fuels.

Under this legislation, big banks would be required to align their financing with science-based emission targets and our obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement.

We need to build as much momentum around this bill as possible. Can you add your name as a citizen co-sponsor of the Fossil Free Finance Act to build our pressure in Congress?

Demand answers from Big Oil


Fossil fuel companies continue to manipulate public opinion and exert undue influence in shaping policy in Congress. It’s time to hold ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel corporations accountable.

Join and call for a Congressional hearing with Big Oil executives today.

Tell Biden: nominate a climate leader as Fed Chair


The Federal Reserve enables the financing of fossil fuel expansion during a climate crisis. Our central bank needs to do its job and steer the economy towards a just and sustainable future. That begins with new leadership.

Will you add your name to demand that President Biden nominate a climate leader as the Federal Reserve Chair?

Tell your Senators: Abolish the filibuster!


Throughout its history, the filibuster has been used as a tool to block civil rights legislation – most notably, an anti-lynching bill which still hasn’t been passed. Its ugly history is very clearly echoed in how the filibuster is being abused today, and it’s past time that it be abolished.

Without the filibuster, Senators can actually debate, vote on bills, and therefore are more likely to pass the policies that the majority of voters elected them to do – starting with the End Polluter Welfare Act, BUILD GREEN Act, and the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act.

The filibuster stands in the way of progress that people are demanding. As your constituent, I urge you to abolish the filibuster in order to stop voter suppression and protect our climate.

Tell Biden: Revoke the Line 3 permit


Target: President Biden

Will you add your name right now calling on Biden to revoke the key water permit for Line 3 and protect Indigenous rights and the climate?

We will not rest until Biden upholds his principles and puts people and our planet before fossil fuel profits.

Tell Biden: Shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline


The Dakota Access pipeline is operating illegally without a key permit. We have a chance for Biden to shut down this pipeline now while we wait for a robust review.

Please add your name to our letter to President Biden urging him to shut down DAPL once and for all.

Just Recovery Gathering: Pre-register to join


The Global Just Recovery Gathering is a three-day online event featuring interactive workshops, cultural sessions, and hands-on trainings. Build your skills, strengthen relationships, and hear from a powerful line-up of climate leaders, artists, and musicians in every corner of the world.

Join us in designing a new path towards a better future for all and pre-register today.

For more info visit

The Global Just Recovery Gathering welcomes people around the world. We are committed to building as an accessible experience as we can. This event will be multilingual with all plenary sessions translated and captioning provided. You are welcome whatever your experience or wherever you come from!

This event will feature a powerful line-up of climate leaders from all over the world, include Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva and many, many more.