Mental wellness is healthcare and should be accessible to every American!


Our nation is in the midst of a serious mental healthcare crisis. Tens of millions of Americans struggle every day with their mental health but are far too often unable to get the care they need, either because they don’t have insurance that covers mental healthcare or the options are too expensive with or without insurance. It’s time for that to change. 

Mental healthcare is as much a part of healthcare as physical healthcare and needs to be treated as such.

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Telehealth startups like Austin-based Frankly are hard at work creating alternative routes to get people the mental healthcare they need, no matter where you are, without any need for insurance.

Taking care of one’s emotional self shouldn’t require a trip to a doctor or force people to navigate a byzantine labyrinth of paperwork. It’s time to rethink the way we approach mental health and finally put this crisis to an end.

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