Add your name: Medicare for All NOW!


Target: United States Senate

Pramila introduced the House version of Medicare for All, H.R. 1976, last year with more than half of the Democratic caucus as co-sponsors. Now, Bernie Sanders is re-introducing M4A in the Senate — a huge moment in our fight for single-payer health care in America. 

Will you add your name in support of Medicare for All at this critical moment?

The Senate must put voting rights ahead of the filibuster.


Senate Democrats announced plans to change the filibuster before Martin Luther King Jr. Day in order to pass a critical voting rights bill. This is a big deal, and it is essential that our opposition to the filibuster is front and center. Join Representative Jayapal in calling on the Senate to immediately end the filibuster and protect our democracy!

Tell the Senate: Keep paid leave in Build Back Better


Conservatives and corporate special interests are trying to remove paid family and medical leave from the Build Back Better Act in the Senate — so we need to fight back while we still can.

Can you sign on to tell the Senate to protect paid leave in Build Back Better?

The Senate must act quickly to pass the Build Back Better Act!


The House just passed the Build Back Better Act — meaning we are one step closer to making transformational investments in our communities, families, and environment.

Working families can’t wait any longer. I’m calling on the Senate to immediately pass the Build Back Better Act. Will you join me by adding your name to our urgent petition?

Abolish the Jim Crow Filibuster


Republican legislators across the country are actively working against our democracy — and by letting the filibuster stand, we can’t do anything to stop them.

It is the filibuster or our Democracy.

Join me in this fight to end the Jim Crow filibuster and add your name to our urgent petition.

Stand With Workers: We Must Pass the PRO Act


Unions built America’s middle class.

But over the years, large corporations have worked furiously to bust unions, rob workers of their fundamental workplace rights, and take away their dignity on the job.

Workers deserve more. Will you join me in calling on the Senate to immediately pass the PRO Act so we can ensure that every worker clocks into a fair and safe workplace where they’re treated with dignity and respect?

Stand with Pramila: We cannot cut these priorities!


Pramila has been leading the progressive fight in Congress and urging her colleagues to protect desperately needed economic relief for the American people and urgent action to address the climate crisis.

We need you in this fight with us. Add your name to support Pramila’s effort to hold the line. Our people and our planet can’t afford to wait any longer for serious, transformative action.

Join us in thanking Pramila for everything she's done to hold the line and pass our progressive agenda!


Pramila and her progressive colleagues in the House have just defied the odds and powerfully used their leverage to stop corporate America from moving forward with a small bill without President Biden’s popular Build Back Better Act that invests in working families.

But Corporate America, Big Pharma, and the fossil fuel industry are still working around the clock to stop climate action and economic relief to the people — that’s why it’s so important that we come together to show Pramila we still have her back 100% of the way.

Can you sign the card now and join us in thanking Pramila for everything she’s done to hold the line and pass our progressive agenda?

Sign now to defend reproductive freedom!


The ultra-conservative Supreme Court just gave abortion access a death sentence in Texas by allowing a 6-week ban to go into place. This radical, cruel, and dangerous law cuts off access to almost ALL abortions for millions of people in Texas, and it has implications for the future of abortion access for millions of people across the country.

To be clear, this is not about health care. This is about punishing women for seeking autonomy over their bodies.

Congress must act quickly to protect every person’s right to their own reproductive health care decisions and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to create a safeguard against abortion bans like these.

We have the numbers and the power. Will you sign today to fuel our urgent fight to protect abortion?

Sign on: Tax Billionaires NOW


It is time for the rich to pay their fair share. If you agree that now is the time for action, join me in this fight to tax the rich and fund the programs working people need by signing on to support the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act today as a grassroots co-sponsor today!