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The Republican candidate for Governor Doug Mastriano, however, is an insurrectionist who’s on record saying people should be charged with murder if they choose to terminate their pregnancy. He’s exactly the type of person who Summer Lee is running for Congress to stop.

Abortion bans in any form are an act of  violence against women, working families, low-income individuals, and people of color.  We cannot allow extremists like Doug Mastriano to take office on November 8. This midterm election will determine the future of legal, safe abortion in Pennsylvania, so we need voters to show up and elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

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Summer Lee is an organizer, activist, and Pennsylvania state legislator born and raised in the Mon Valley, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.

She’s running for Congress to represent Western Pennsylvania and make history as Pennsylvania’s first Black Congresswoman. Add your name to lift up their progressive, anti-racist vision and bring real change to Western Pennsylvania!