Ban stock trading for Members of Congress!


If you’ve been elected to write the rules in our country, you shouldn’t get to profit off those rules. And if you break those rules, you shouldn’t get a slap on the wrist — your punishment should be just as severe as it would be for the rest of us.

Insider trading — and stock ownership entirely — should be illegal for Members of Congress. If you agree, add your name to let Congress know where we stand.

Tell Congress: No More Wars for Nothing


It’s time for the broken status quo to come to an end. We can’t let the same crooks and liars who got us into these pointless wars continue calling the shots in Congress. 

Add your name to our petition to help send a message to Congress: no more wars for nothing.



Target: United States Congress

For years, the massive corporations behind private prisons, the insurance industry, and pharmaceutical cartels have pushed our government to keep up a “War on Drugs” that’s cost billions in taxpayer dollars and led to the arrests of millions of Americans for nonviolent marijuana offenses.

It’s time for a new direction. It’s time to legalize weed nationwide. Add your name now →

Sign the Petition: Abolish Corporate PACs


Right now, massive corporations are buying politicians with corporate PAC donations so they can write the rules we all have to play by in our economy. 

Together, we’re building a movement to take on monopoly power, from Big Ag to pharmaceutical cartels. And one of the most powerful ways to break the grip of corporate power on our economy is to abolish corporate PACs. Sign our petition now to demand an end to corporate PACs.

Add Your Name: Endorse Lucas Kunce for Senate


Lucas has devoted himself to fighting corporate monopoly power. He’s taken on Big Ag, Big Tech, pharmaceutical cartels, and Wall Street profiteers – and he’s going to keep taking them on as a United States Senator. 

If you’re ready to help us grow our people-powered, grassroots movement, will you sign on to endorse Lucas Kunce for Senate now?