Protect our rights — stop the GOP from banning abortion!


First, the GOP passed horrible trigger laws in key states: criminalizing abortion providers, offering a bounty to those who report abortions, and outright banning abortion with NO exceptions.

Then, the Trump-packed Supreme Court struck down 50 years of precedent in the Dobbs decision, opening the floodgates for even more extreme anti-abortion laws.

Now, the GOP are just a few seats away from passing a nationwide abortion ban. The votes separating us from the complete removal of our reproductive rights is too close for comfort — we can’t let that happen.

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Stop Republicans’ scheme to ban abortion rights nationwide!


Lindsey Graham recently proposed a national abortion ban to the U.S. Senate. This is exactly the dystopian future the GOP wanted – and now, after decades of stacking the odds in their favor, they finally got their wish.

The only way to stop them? Vote these extremists out and elect pro-choice Democrats up and down the ballot. Mobilizing and empowering young voters is the KEY to protecting abortion rights. 

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It’s time for Congress to protect abortion rights nationwide!


Target: United States Congress

As abortion rights are steadily assailed across the country, electing pro-choice Democrats to stem the tide has never been more important. 

A court in Florida has ruled that a sixteen-year-old parentless teen is “too immature” to get an abortion, so now she is being forced to bear the child. Texans experiencing pregnancy complications and infections are being turned away from hospitals and told to suffer until their lives are in danger of being lost before getting the treatment they need. And of course, a ten-year-old rape victim in Ohio could not receive an abortion in her own state. The madness must stop!

It’s time for Congress to protect abortion rights nationwide!

It’s no secret that this Congress simply does not have the numbers to take the bold stands that we need to protect our rights. That’s why NextGen is empowering young voters to engage in the political process and elect leaders who will stand up for us, not corporate billionaires and their Republican puppets.

A clear majority of Americans believe in protecting abortion rights, but Congress simply does not have the courage to deliver. 

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