Restore abortion rights in Wisconsin!

Target: Wisconsin legislature

The right to choose is in grave danger in Wisconsin. As a lengthy court battle heads to the conservative Supreme Court, all abortion clinics have been shuttered, leaving millions of women without access to the abortion health that saves lives and gives women agency over their own bodies.

Judging from how extremist politicians in other states are reacting to the awful Dobbs decision — by passing even more radical laws that put women’s lives in danger from pregnancy complications — we can only expect the same right here in Wisconsin. 

Call on the Wisconsin legislature to restore abortion rights in Wisconsin!

Every attack on a woman’s right to choose is an attack on all of us. Access to abortion care is a fundamental freedom that all women deserve to enjoy, whether they choose to do use it or not. Anything else is a declaration that extremist politicians can legislate what women can or cannot do with their bodies, putting their lives, dignity, and decisions in the hands of extremist ideologues pushing their heinous agenda.

In the land of the free, freedom cannot be up for debate. Demand the legislature restore abortion rights to Wisconsin women ASAP!

Restore abortion rights in Wisconsin!