Call on President Biden to decriminalize marijuana!

Target: President Joe Biden

President Biden is quickly cementing his legacy as one of our nation’s most effective leaders, delivering desperately needed student debt relief, a bipartisan infrastructure bill, and the biggest investment in climate change mitigation in history.

It’s already paying off in the polls — but to make sure it pays off at the ballot box, we need to keep the momentum going! A hugely impactful and easily achievable next step would be to deschedule marijuana and end the flow of American citizens into the meat grinder of the industrial prison complex for minor, non-violent drug crimes.

Tell Biden to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level!

Marijuana has already been decriminalized in 31 states and fully legalized for recreational use in 19. 37 states have legalized medical marijuana, including red states like Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. More than two in three Americans across the country support legalizing marijuana.

Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman announced that he is going to petition Biden to deschedule marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug when they meet next. Will you add your voice to his?

Call on President Biden to decriminalize marijuana!