Demand Pfizer and Moderna share the recipe to increase global vaccine supply!

We are never going to recover from the COVID pandemic until the United States and countries around the world are vaccinated, but companies like Moderna and Pfizer are refusing to share the recipe so that they keep the credit. 

Moderna and the US government developed the vaccine with our taxpayer dollars, which means the recipe belongs to the US people — not big pharma. It’s time for them to share the recipe so that people in the rest of the world can have access to the life-saving vaccine.

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There are people in other countries that desperately want and need the vaccine, but can’t get one due to the greed of big pharma. There are countries still reeling from the effects of the pandemic while Americans start to go back to work. Unless production is ramped up quickly, we could be looking at more variants, more deaths, and an even longer fight. 

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