Personally endorse John Fetterman’s campaign for the United States Senate!

John Fetterman is officially the Democratic candidate for the most flippable U.S. Senate seat in the country, in Pennsylvania, and he needs the endorsement of Democrats across the country to ensure his win.

In his 13 years as mayor, Fetterman worked to rebuild his community, creating jobs, getting youth engaged, bringing creative urban policy solutions to the town. When Pennsylvania laws continued to push outdated discriminatory policies banning marriage equality, he stood up and officiated one of the first same-sex marriages in the commonwealth. When they wanted to build a four-lane interstate highway through Braddock, a town that’s more than 70% Black and already suffered historically high asthma rates, he stood up and opposed it on the grounds that it was environmental racism.

That’s just few of the things that make John Fetterman is the exact type of progressive we need in office and he he needs all of our support.

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