Join Derek Green in the fight to protect the fundamental rights of Philadelphia residents

Recently, Republican extremists have been relentless in their attacks on human rights. Now more than ever, it is critical that we show our support for the local legislators who have proven their dedication to ensuring that every constituent is equally protected under the law.

Councilmember Derek Green believes that Philadelphia deserves nothing less than a government that works to empower its residents and fights for the fundamental freedoms and well-being of all.

With the Supreme Court’s recent decisions overturning Roe v. Wade, striking down common-sense gun laws, and decreasing government oversight of private companies, Councilmember Green will fight everyday to ensure that our city continues to protect and empower its residents.

When the federal government fails to act in the best interest of every American — regardless of race, ethnicity, economic standing, sexual orientation, gender identity, or zip code — we must stand together to ensure that our fellow community members are safe and protected.

Derek is committed to his vision of an equitable and accessible Philadelphia, but he needs you to stand with him.

Add your name if you support Derek Green’s mission of building a Philadelphia that works for everyone!