Call on the media to stop ignoring missing Indigenous women, trans women, and women of color!

There’s been a mass amount of media coverage surrounding the disappearance of Gabby Petito in Wyoming, so much so that it led to the discovery of her body. YouTubers familiar with the case spotted Petito’s van in the video they were editing and alerted the authorities. Now, people are rushing to solve what happened.

The mass media coverage of the story is playing a crucial role in getting justice for Gabby — and it’s a tool that thousands of missing Indigenous women and women of color haven’t had the same access to. Gabby absolutely deserves the justice this attention will hopefully bring her, but so do thousands of other women of color and trans women that never do.

Add your name to call on the media to give the same amount of coverage to missing Indigenous women and women of color as they do white women!

At least 710 Indigenous people, mostly girls, have gone missing in Wyoming the past decade. There are an estimated 64,000-75,000 Black women and girls missing from the US. Many of these are cases will never see the same coverage the way cases of white women have.

The way the media was able to give attention to Gabby’s disappearance was incredible and necessary, we need the media to keep that same persistence when it comes to minority women. 

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