Tell Elon Musk: don’t let Trump back on Twitter!

Target: Elon Musk

On April 25th, Twitter’s board of directors announced that they would approve the sale of the behemoth social media platform to none other than Elon Musk.

Musk has recently made a lot of noise about right-wing “censorship” by Big Tech, leading to fears that he will restore Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account and give him back his bully pulpit from which to foment insurrection, wage incessant feuds, and promote dangerous and usually racist conspiracy theories.

Demand Elon Musk keep Donald Trump off Twitter!

Trump was rightfully kicked off of Twitter for promoting election misinformation and glorifying violence in the wake of the January 6th attack on the Capitol by his supporters.

Before that, he routinely incited violence against Muslim members of Congress, leading to a constant stream of death threats. Donald Trump is an existential threat to the American public and needs to be kept far away from social media platforms people actually use.

Tell Elon Musk: don’t let Trump back on Twitter!