Hold Kevin Stitt accountable for his corrupt tenure!

From the beginning of his run, Governor Kevin Stitt has chosen some questionable allies. When he ran in 2018 he was endorsed by loads of far right extremists including Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and of course, Donald Trump. 

And he didn’t disappoint them. His time in office has been one scandal after another as he lines the pockets of corporations (including his own) and makes sweetheart deals for campaign donors–all on the backs of Oklahoma families. 

Corruption runs rampant in Kevin Stitt’s Oklahoma. Sign here to stand up against corruption in public office and return the government to the people. 

  • Stitt oversaw the largest abuse of taxpayer funds in Oklahoma’s history and failed to hold Epic Schools accountable for wasting millions. 
  • Stitt’s 2022 fiscal budget for the state proposed nearly $700 million in incentives and breaks for corporations, with only one half a percent hike in funding for schools. Meanwhile, Oklahoma public schools are currently ranked 49th in the nation. 
  • Stitt did nothing while the state approved utility rate increases for his donors, increasing utility prices for Oklahomans for 28 years.
  • Swadley’s Bar BBQ colluded with Stitt’s administration to ensure they would receive a contract to operate restaurants within state parks, and then hiked up prices–leaving taxpayers holding a bill for nearly $17 million in costs on services and supplies while they walked away with a 300% profit. 

The people of Oklahoma deserve better, and with your help we can run Kevin Stitt and his corrupt regime out of office – sign on now!