Hold Kevin Stitt accountable for his attacks on the rights of Oklahoma women!

A recent study showed that Oklahoma is the WORST state for women. While we wish we could say that women in Oklahoma are paid equally or receive the same access to health care — that’s simply not the case. 

Oklahoma has the most extreme abortion ban in the country, signed eagerly by the governor – Kevin Stitt. Bans like this are not only dangerous, they intrude on our personal freedom and privacy – and help encourage other extremist governors to enact similar policy.  

Add your name to help to defeat Kevin Stitt’s clear government overreach in Oklahoma!

Under Kevin Stitt’s leadership, there is no place worse in the country to be a woman — that’s why the Oklahoma Project is doing everything they can to expose Stitt for his corruption, extremism, and failed policies. 

Many Oklahoma women are struggling due to low wages in the education and health care industries. Stitt directly contributed to these low wages with his anti-public schools and anti-healthcare agenda. The longer he is in office, the further backwards he will push Oklahoma and the more he will hurt women and spread extremist ideals across the country. 

Sign your name to help unseat Kevin Stitt in November!