Kick Rand Paul off his Senate committees!

Target: United States Senate

The latest Trump allegation has provoked an even more outrageous response from his sycophants in Congress. Upon learning that it was very likely that Donald Trump had violated the Espionage Act by stealing classified documents from the White House and taking them to his home at Mar-a-Lago, Sen. Rand Paul proposed that we simply do away with the Espionage Act!
Paul’s demand would essentially legalize treason against the United States. While the Espionage Act could certainly do with some reform to keep it from being used against whistleblowers, it’s obvious to everyone that this isn’t what Paul is trying to do here.

Punish Rand Paul for his ridiculous attempt to excuse Trump’s crimes!

The openly pro-Russian Republican Party has proved time and time again that their cry of “America First” is nothing but a cynical, empty slogan used more for its connection to white supremacy than it is for any actual love for this nation.

Nothing proves that more than trying to repeal the laws criminalizing selling state secrets to foreign nations and delivering information relevant to national defense to those who should not have. Rand Paul cannot be trusted to behave responsibly on the Senate Foreign Affairs committee!

Kick Rand Paul off his Senate committees!