Demand railroad companies give their workers sick leave and prevent an economic disaster!

Though most of the nation may not know it, the United States is barreling towards an economic disaster as conductors and rail engineers prepare to strike. Their demands? Sick leave.

Not even paid sick leave. Just the ability to go to the doctor without getting fired. They are also demanding an end to the intolerable scheduling rules which keep them on call 24/7 and force them to work as much as two weeks straight without a break, which drives workers to quit and exacerbates the staffing shortages for everyone else.

Tell the railroad companies to treat their workers with dignity and respect!

But the monolithic railway companies — one of which is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway — are refusing to compromise, forcing the workers to prepare for a strike that would bring the nation’s railways to a screeching halt, with dire consequences.

America’s railroads are responsible for 30% of all freight shipping; a strike would disrupt oil production, send food costs even higher than they already are, and would cost the US economy tens of millions of dollars a day.

But thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this. The railroad companies need to act for the good of the nation and give the workers the working schedules and sick leaves that they deserve.

Demand railroad companies give their workers sick leave and prevent a strike!