Demand Republicans who previously confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson vote to put her on the Supreme Court!

The moment President Biden announced Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee to the Supreme Court, we all knew that an avalanche of bad-faith “concerns” and baseless allegations of extremism would be hurled into the ether by Republicans, all because a Democratic president happened to nominate her.

Within minutes of the announcement, Sen. Lindsey Graham — who previously voted to confirm Judge Jackson to her current seat on the US Court of Appeals — began complaining that “the radical Left has won President Biden over yet again,” while the other Republicans who had also voted to confirm her began distancing themselves.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski declared her prior vote “does not signal how I will vote for a Supreme Court justice,” while Sen. Susan Collins began hedging with vague talk of a “thorough vetting” process.

Given their previous support for Judge Jackson, any sudden change of heart is obviously nothing but sheer partisan spite unbecoming of a US senator. Judge Jackson could not be more qualified for the Supreme Court and would bring historic, fresh perspective to a court that has long been dominated by conservative white men.

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