Call on President Biden and Congress do everything possible to combat white nationalism!

Target: President Biden and the United States Congress

Swastikas. The stars and bars. White supremacist militia flags. Valknots. The iconography adorning the January 6th rioters during their disastrous attempt to overturn the 2020 election makes it alarmingly clear that the fight to end white nationalism is inseparable from the struggle to expand voting rights.

While the reactionary mob gleefully brandished their hateful beliefs for all to see, their allies in the legislature have been working to restore the reign of Jim Crow, passing laws in 34 states that deliberately seek to suppress the vote of minorities and the poor.

Call on President Biden and Congress to combat white nationalist violence!

To fight the tidal wave of undemocratic and unrepentantly racist efforts to keep minorities from voting, the Southern Poverty Law Center has launched its Voting Action Plan to mobilize voters and legislators to make sure that political extremists can’t drag us back to the dark days of Jim Crow. 

The SPLC aims to restore the full power of the Voting Rights Act, increase voter participation, expand access to the ballot, and ensure fair election administration. Will you sign your name to call on President Biden to mobilize the full power of the federal government to confront the threat that white nationalism poses to our democracy? 

Call on President Biden and Congress to confront the white nationalist crisis!