Pledge to support LGBTQ-run businesses!

As LGBTQ rights are systematically rolled back across the South and LGBTQ people themselves are subjected to disgusting smear campaigns by radical right-wing bigots, spaces that used to be safe don’t feel quite the same anymore. 

The recent arson of a queer bar in New York City offers a terrifying glimpse into the consequences of this kind of sustained hate — and reminds us how important friendly businesses and spaces are to making sure LGBTQ people can express themselves to the fullest. 

Sign your name and pledge to support LGBTQ-run businesses!

A 2016 study reported that almost 40% of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs choose to not self-identify as part of the queer community — a number that will almost certainly rise as right-wing repression increases, narrowing the already limited spaces that LGBTQ+ people feel safe enough to be themselves. 

As inequality rises, it must be met with an outpouring of love and support from those of us with open minds and hearts. That’s why the nonprofit StartOut is spearheading a campaign to get LGBTQ entrepreneurs the resources and the support they need to weather the storm — but they can’t do it alone. 

It’s going to take all of us to fight discrimination and bigotry.

Will you sign your name and pledge to support LGBTQ-run businesses?