Call for the deactivation of Taliban Twitter accounts!

Platforms like Twitter are giving members of the Taliban a wide-spreading platform to push propaganda, with spokesman Suhail Shaheen having over 350,000 followers. 

The Taliban, a recognized terrorist group, should not have the opportunity to rebrand themselves to millions of users on social media sites. While the Taliban has taken to Twitter to ask “skilled people” not to flee the country, the public facing statements are night and day from other accounts from the country.

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In stark comparison to the Taliban’s social media posts, many Afghani people have wiped their social media profiles in fear of violent retribution. There have been accounts of violence against protestors, of Taliban members going door-to-door looking for those who have worked for the US… It’s clear to see that the reality in Afghanistan does not mirror what Taliban social media accounts would like the world to think.

As the Taliban ask to be recognized by other countries, the facts need to stay in focus — not propaganda. As a well-known and recognized terrorist group, allowing them to continue building a platform is dangerous.

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