Tell the media to call out Trump for empowering the Taliban and dooming America’s exit from Afghanistan — it’s the truth!

When leaving office, disgraced ex-President Trump left the incoming Administration with a horrible deal. Trump decided that he would be the President to end America’s longest war. A huge problem with that: he was operating on blind faith with zero failsafes, negotiating directly with the Taliban. Trump further legitimized the Taliban (for nothing enforceable in return) by inviting them to Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11 to negotiate a treaty… without the Afghan government.

By the end of the deal, 5,000 Taliban fighters and their leader were to be released from prison and the US would be out of Afghanistan by May 1st. In return, the Taliban were to not harbor any terrorists and also be responsible for any individual from Afghanistan that wanted to attack America. If, of course, by some stretch of the imagination they held up their end of the bargain.

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Trump’s only insurance that the Taliban were being honest? The threat of America worsening the war in retaliation. President Biden had two options: increase military presence in Afghanistan and heighten the conflict, or abide by the deal. As to not extend the conflict, he pushed back the deadline.

In meeting with and trusting the Taliban, Trump empowered them. When covering Afghanistan, the media must recognize his involvement. 

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