Demand private companies implement vaccine mandates!

President Biden has been taking critical steps to end the pandemic, such as mandating all employers that have more than 100 workers to require them to be vaccinated or tested weekly, but his measures can’t cover everyone. Private companies have the opportunity to take the fight against COVID-19 even further by fully mandating vaccines for their employees. 

Here are the facts: vaccines work and unvaccinated people are taking up virtually all of the country’s ICU beds. Employers have a moral obligation to ensure all of their workers are vaccinated and keep each other safe.

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America is at a 50% vaccination rate, and we have long since missed the chance to reach herd immunity and protect our most vulnerable. With many of the nation’s hospitals already having to divert ER victims who have just experienced car wrecks, shootings, and other immediate health issues — our healthcare system is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis.

When vaccination rates go up, ICU beds open up. It’s that simple.

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